In 2020 Joe will be co-editing a poetry anthology to be published by Half Moon Books. The anthology will be made up of poems inspired by the Olympic Games, and anyone can submit work to be considered for inclusion.

The poems don’t have to be directly about sport. There are lots of other angles you can come from. You could write about politics, about nations coming together, about TV, about the time you went ice skating, about Ancient Greece. Anything that relates to the theme somehow is welcomed.

See the full details of the callout below.

Faster, Higher, Stronger

An anthology of poems from Half Moon Books to mark the 2020 Olympic Games

In the XXXII Olympiad (that’s 2020, to you and me), Half Moon Books are producing an anthology of poems inspired by Olympic sport, and we want you to submit your work to be considered for inclusion.

Sport and poetry may not seem to be obvious bedfellows, but the best stories about sport are really stories about people. If you don’t have anything to say about champions like Nicola Adams, Jesse Owens, or Hannah Cockroft, perhaps you have something to say about the time you joined your local archery club, or your childhood dreams of becoming an international gymnastics superstar. You might want to think about the moments when sport has collided with politics – the Black Power salute, the Cold War boycott, the terrorist attack.

The theme encompasses the Paralympics, and the Winter Olympics (even though those aren’t happening till 2022, we won’t tell anyone). For inspiration, you might want to consider this list of sports included in the 2020 games.

Send us your poems by email to, paying attention to these guidelines:

  • Send no more than three poems, in a single email.
  • Include the poems as attachments in a standard file format (.doc, .docx, .rtf etc).
  • The poems should be no more than 36 lines long.
  • Don’t put your name or any identifying information on the poems – we’ll be selecting them anonymously.
  • The poems must be your own original work, but it’s fine if they’ve been published before, as long as you still hold the copyright and are happy for us to use them. We don’t claim any rights to your work, except the right to use it in this anthology.
  • Include your name (as you’d like it to be used in the book), address and telephone number in your email, as well as a list of your poem titles.

Poems must reach us by the end of 31 January 2020 in order to be considered for inclusion. We’ll let you know as soon as we can whether we’d like to include your poems. The book will be launched in July 2020, shortly before the games begin.

Unfortunately we can’t pay you for your work, but anyone who has their poem included will receive a complimentary copy of the book, and will be able to buy additional copies at a reduced rate.